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Maryann specializes in Therapeutic Massage using a variety of techniques including: Lymphatic Drainage, Neuromuscular Therapy (Trigger Point), Myofasial Release, Swedish Massage, Aroma Therapy, Acupressure, Rosen Method and Reiki.  She uses the information you give her, in terms of your wants and needs, and her intuition to determine which techniques would be most beneficial for you.  Each session is individualized and therapeutic as well as relaxing and healing.  She offers a unique Head, Neck and Face Massage that has multiple benefits providing relief from sinus congestion, headache, eyestrain, snoring, jaw pain, insomnia and anxiety while providing a natural face lift.

Maryann received her Bachelor of Science in Human Development from Penn State University in 1985. She practiced community social work/case management for 17 years.  In 2001 she was in a serious auto accident in which she had a near death event and out of body experience that had a life changing effect. She became awaken to the idea that life is so short and can be over in an instant, and it is important to spend her precious time doing meaningful work she is passionate about, this is when she decided to make the healing arts her profession.  She attended Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy and completed the Basic Program (Swedish Massage) and the Advanced Program (Neuromuscular Therapy).  She became Nationally Certified, Pennsylvania State Licensed (MSG003512) and a member of ABMP (Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals).  For the first four years of her new career she worked with a chiropractor and a spa, then in 2006 she opened her private practice at a Health and Wellness Center.  Her practice flourished and her dream came true.  In 2014 she moved her practice to it's current location in Shadyside.  She has taken continuing education in: Lymphatic Drainage (Upledger Institute), Pre-natal Massage, Young Living Essential Oil Raindrop Therapy, Caring for Clients with Cancer, Rosen Method, Geriatric Massage, Reiki and Natural Facelift.

Maryann's office is in Shadyside, 5850 Ellsworth Avenue Suite 210, Pittsburgh, PA 15232.  Her hours of availability are Monday through Saturday 10-5.  She accepts cards, checks or cash.  Call or text at 412.302.8135, or email at maryann@maryannparker.com

What her clients have to say...


"Maryann is a truly gifted massage therapist and healer.  Each session I have with her is a blend of many of her methods, including head neck and face work, body work, lymphatic drainage, Tui na, and energy work.  I love seeing someone who is so skilled and who knows my body and tailors the massage specifically for me.  It's relaxing and healing to my body and mind.  And often miraculous - I've gone in with my sinuses completely blocked and left breathing free and easy.  I can't recommend Maryann highly enough!" Debbie H.

"Maryann's Head, Neck and Face Massage is a delightfully relaxing experience.  It is also a terrific ally in fighting the telltale signs of aging, since fine lines and puffiness are much reduced! I highly recommend this therapeutic experience."

Susie D.

"I have had issues with bags under my eyes, sinus congestion and snoring.  Maryann's Head, Neck and Face Lymphatic Massage Therapy has substantially relieved all three conditions!  I highly recommend her treatment!"

Roy D.

"Maryann's Head, Neck and Face Massage is truly restorative.  I enjoy a sense of well being and peace."

Cathy R.

"I have been getting the face work for about a year.  After following the prescribed frequency I have settled into a 3 week maintenance schedule.  The change is immediately noticeable...better color and plumper, more youthful appearance.  Lines and puffiness are also diminished.  Drinking lots of water helps sustain results.  Friends tell me my face looks fabulous!  This is my little secret!"

Elizabeth Y.

"Maryann's facial work really works.  Not only relaxing and meditative, after three sessions I could see a definite difference in my skins elasticity and color.  No more puffy eyes and dark circles.  Maryann has a magical touch."

Amy H.

"Maryann offers a unique form of facial massage that not only has improved the texture and appearance of my skin, but has also allowed for a relaxation experience that is unlike any traditional massage that I have ever had.  In a session all the parts of the face and even the scalp are stimulated through a technique that she has mastered to produce the same amazing results each time.  I would highly recommend this type of massage for anyone."

Barbara S.

"I have been seeing Maryann for massages for over 10 years and she is not only a master at her craft but also a true compassionate healer.  She customizes my massage to specifically address my body's needs whether it be lymphatic, trigger point or incorporating  Young Living Essential Oils for aromatherapy benefits.  Overall her massages have helped to eliminate my headaches, neck pain, sinus congestion and overall reduced my stress. I absolutely love her technique and highly recommend her.  She truly is the best massage therapist!"

Danielle M.

"Four days after undergoing Full Knee Replacement surgery, I began a regimen of Lymphatic Drainage from Maryann.  The affect was remarkable.  Not only did my pain diminish significantly within the first week, but my physical therapy  progressed dramatically.  I was told by my physical therapist that I achieved strength and flexibility levels at two weeks that most people don't regain until four weeks.  I have no doubt that Maryann's Lymphatic Drainage Program was a key component in my rapid recovery.  I could actually feel the healing happening each time she worked on my knee."

Jim R.


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Head, Neck and Face Work

An hour session using Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular/Trigger Point, Acupressure Point and Reiki on the head, neck and face.  This is a very gentle yet powerful treatment, you will lie on the table face up, fully clothed, most people fall asleep because this is so relaxing. No oils are used.  Come to your appointment with a clean face with no make up or lotions on.  Maryann will use a series of movements, lifts, points and strokes that will release adhesions and strengthen pathways allowing better blood, lymph and energy flow.  Benefits include relieving  stress related and congestion symptoms, headache, eyestrain, sinus congestion, neck pain, jaw pain (from dental work, teeth clenching or TMJ), snoring, insomnia and anxiety.  Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, expression lines, puffiness, bags  and dark under eye circles.  Improves color and texture of skin and tones and firms facial muscles.  A series of 6 weekly sessions then ongoing monthly sessions is recommended for the facial appearance benefits.


Body Work

An hour or hour and a half session, your choice.  Depending on your needs a bodywork session can be focused on a specific ache or pain that you are wanting relief from or on your overall nervous system for relaxation.  After determining  what your needs are, Maryann will leave the room while you disrobe to your comfort level and lie on the table under the sheet and blanket, you will be draped throughout the session.  She starts with TuiNa/Accupressure warm up, this is a relaxing technique to get your chi flowing using rocking, sweeping and acupressure points.  Then depending on your needs some myofascial work, a very subtle but powerful technique using holds and skin rolling reaching the first layer of fascia below the skin.  Then she will apply a hypoallergenic and unscented blend of apricot, sesame and grapeseed oil, starting the warm up of the skin and tissue with swedish techniques such as effleurage, pettrissage, glides and cross fiber friction.  If needed she may incorporate some trigger point work finding the tender spots in muscles and applying specific pressure which will decrease the tension and pain in muscle fibers.  If indicated Lymphatic Drainage may be included, this is a very gentle technique that encourages stagnant lymphatic fluid to flow thus relieving inflammation, swelling and toxic buildup.  Aromatherapy and Reiki may be a part of your session as well, both provide relaxation and healing.  

Most sessions are a blend of all techniques, but sometimes just one or two methods, depending on your needs and requests.  If you have completed the Head, Neck and Face Massage series and want bodywork as well, Maryann recommends a 90 minute session with 45 minutes of head, neck and face work and 45 minutes of bodywork.  


Energy Work

Maryann incorporates some energy work into both the body work and the head, neck and face work sessions,  or she can give you a full  hour session of energy work exclusively.  The types of energy work Maryann provides are:  TuiNa, Reiki and Rosen Method, most sessions are a blend of the three base on your agreed upon decision.  

A Tui Na session  (also referred to as a Qigong Massage) can be done fully clothed or directly on your skin.  Tui Na means 'push- pull', movements include rocking, sweeping, and lifting that are meant to loosen the tissue followed by specific acupressure points that stimulate  chi (energy-life force)  to flow through the meridians (energy channels based on Chinese Medicine).  This is a general protocol for increasing flow, not to be confused with the diagnostic acupuncture work done in Chinese Medicine.

In a Reiki session you stay fully clothed and lie face up on the table.  This is a very quiet, soothing, meditative experience.  You may want to set an intention to your self or aloud to state what you want to gain from the session.  Maryann will hold her hands  a few inches above your body in your energy field over your chakras, she may also place her hands directly on your body starting at the top of your head, neck, shoulders, arms, torso, legs to your feet.  She focuses on bringing the Universal Life Force of Reiki through her crown into your body, mind or spirit wherever you need it most and to your past, present or future when ever you need it most.  She is the conduit of the energy.  You may feel a warmth come from her hands and you may feel different sensations or thoughts during the session.  This can be very relaxing and healing and is also a good alternative for when you cannot have a hands on body work session for any reason.

A Rosen Method session is similar to a Reiki session in that Maryann will place her hands lightly on your body and hold that space for some time while you stay awake and meet her in that space through your mind.  You may have thoughts, memories or feelings that come to the surface.  You may wish to vocalize your thoughts and feelings or simply process them to yourself, there is no right or wrong way to do this.  Either way it may help unlock the emotions that are stored in your body and may give you relief from pain and discomfort.  This can be helpful if you have some chronic physical pain that may have an emotional source.  This work is best done directly on your skin like a bodywork session, but if you prefer it can be done clothed like a Reiki session.

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